• A next generation French Press

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The Technology

A patented revolution in coffee and tea brewing

E-controlled induction heating

It brews the coffee quickly and then keeps your beverage warm as long as you want

A next generation stir rod

The stirring occurs by using two magnets placed across from each other and a stir rod that is pulled along by these magnets.

Induction heating beneath the stir rod

Controlling the heating directly gives us a variety of heating profiles, allowing your coffee at exactly the temperature and time you desire.

Rechargeable plunger

This plunger has a circuit board in the handle and a highly sensitive infrared thermometer in the plunger which allows precise measuring of your beverage.  


We are committed to ensuring that this company is successful. We are committed to ensuring that our investors and our early customers needs come before our needs. We are committed to helping the local economy in deprived and needy areas and building manufacturing in America with fair wages and safe conditions. 

No founder or member of the executive team will be paid until all of our early customers have had their products delivered.

No founder or member of the executive team will be paid until the company is profitable, and compensation will not be more than half the profits of the company, ensuring profitability of the company.

We commit to assembly in America, most likely Newark, Orange, or South Orange New Jersey, cities ravaged by the loss of manufacturing jobs in America.  Our product has been designed and developed exclusively in the USA.

Trent Walker, CEO and Founder

Ubah Bulale, Co-Founder